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Come to the board

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The Local Conciliation and Arbitration Board of the Toluca Valley is in charge of the conciliation, processing and decision on labor conflicts that arise between workers and employers, only between the former and only between the latter, derived from labor relations or facts related to them, as well as creating general working conditions when conflicts of an economic nature are submitted to its decision, registering unions, receiving in deposit collective labor contracts, internal work regulations, notices or other documentation according to its competence.

Mixed workday – is the one that includes periods of time of day and night workdays, provided that the night period is less than three and a half hours, because if it includes three and a half hours or more, it will be considered a night workday.

III. Preventive imprisonment of the employee followed by acquittal. If the worker acted in defense of the person or interests of the employer, the latter will have the obligation to pay the wages that the former had not received;

Termination payments

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Make use of the telematic submission of documents whenever possible, through the General Electronic Submission or the specific form of the procedure. If you need to go to a registry office of the Junta de Andalucía, you must request an appointment for each service or presentation of documents to be carried out.The presentation of documents in person will require the identification of the presenter with his/her ID card or equivalent identification document at the registry office. In case of presentation on behalf of a third party, you must also prove authorization or representation to carry out the procedure.

What is labor liquidation?

The Capital Companies Law introduced as a novelty the attribution to the company administrators of a duty to attend the company’s Meetings (Article 180), without attaching to such duty the correlative «sanction» in case of non-compliance.

Well, the SC, in its recent Judgment of April 19, 2016, refers to the purpose of such mandatory presence of the company administrators at the company’s Meetings, in the following terms.

«Art. 180 LSC establishes in an imperative manner that the administrators must attend the general meetings. This duty finds its justification in the fact that essential functions for the correct development of the company are carried out at the meeting. Firstly, the controlling or supervisory function of the general meeting with respect to the administrative body itself (arts. 160 and 164 LSC), which can hardly take place if the directors are absent. Secondly, it is at the general meeting where one of the facets of the shareholders’ right to information can be exercised (art. 196.1 LSC, for limited liability companies, and 197.2, for public limited companies), the fulfillment of which corresponds to the administrators (arts. 196.2 and 197.2 LSC); therefore, their absence can de facto make it impossible to exercise the right to information at said meeting.»

Come to the board 2022

The employment relationship is the rendering of a subordinate personal work to a person through the payment of a salary; and the individual employment contract is the one by virtue of which a person is obligated to render a subordinate personal work to another person through the payment of a salary.

Unjustifiably dismissed workers may consider reaching a conciliatory agreement with the employer either privately, before the labor authorities such as the Secretaría del Trabajo y Previsión Social or before the Junta de Conciliación y Arbitraje (Conciliation and Arbitration Board). If the parties do not reach a conciliatory agreement, then the employee may go before the Conciliation and Arbitration Board within the term of two months following the day on which the unjustified dismissal occurred to exercise the actions for unjustified dismissal against the employer.

In relation to the issue of unjustified dismissal, both the employer and the employee frequently have doubts regarding its effective configuration as well as the rights or indemnifications that correspond to the employee. In this section we present some answers to frequently asked questions that both the employee and the employer have in relation to unjustified dismissal.

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