Error occurred during initialization of vm

Error occurred during initialization of vm

Error occurred during initialization of vm

hyper v – fix import errors

I’m trying to install Java to use Eclipse (I followed all the instructions to install Java and Eclipse) but my Eclipse won’t start due to a misconfiguration, I guess. I can’t understand why it doesn’t work for me.
The solution mentioned in the link was for me. Long story short, a different version of the JRE was installed in another directory on the PATH. Moving the desired version of JDK to the front of PATH solved my problem. Consider exploring this solution if other forces could modify your machine (i.e. other users, automatic updates driven by your company, etc.).
I had the same error in my case was when I needed to upgrade jdk 7 to jdk 8, and my problem was that I installed jdk8 and never installed jre8, just that, the error was fixed immediately when I installed jre8.
I faced the same problem, Eclipse welcome screen for a second and disappears. Then I noticed that due to Java auto update there are two versions of Java installed on my system. when I uninstalled one eclipse started working.

error in the initialization of the configuration system

Although Java applets are not a popular web technology today, there are countless reasons to deploy a Java virtual machine directly on a Linux server. If you try to run the Linux java command directly either on discrete hardware or inside your own VM, then you might get an «error occurred during VM initialization could not reserve enough space for object heap» message.
When you find a value that works you can export it to make it permanent for that session. For example, we used export _JAVA_OPTIONS=$0027-Xms256M -Xmx512M$0027 from the bash command prompt and it allowed us to run the java command by itself without any other options until we logged out of our server.
You may have noticed that only certain hardware configurations trigger this error message. That’s because it usually happens on machines with lots of physical RAM but with lower limits for its usage. Java will try to allocate a huge block only to be told it can’t, which it interprets as running out of memory.

how to fix java virtual machine launcher error

Every time I try to reserve more than 1500 MB, I get this error: «An error occurred during VM initialization; Could not reserve enough space for the object heap «using -Xmx3G.
It should be, but this solves my problem. Not voting for this answer due to lack of explanation. This link explains how a 32-bit jvm cannot exceed the maximum storage space of 1GB.
Just a note to others. Add a SYSTEM variable, not a USER variable. I ran into this problem in Eclipse and did not have to restart my machine after making the above changes…just had to restart Eclipse. thanks!
Actually, this is not an Eclipse-specific problem; it’s a general problem with Java on Windows. It is due to how the JVM allocates memory on Windows; it insists on allocating a contiguous portion of memory, which Windows often cannot provide, even if there are enough separate portions to satisfy the allocation request. There are utilities that will try to help Windows «defragment» its memory, which would, in theory, help this situation; but I haven’t really tried them seriously, so I can’t speak to their effectiveness. One thing I’ve sometimes heard that can help is to restart Windows and, before starting any other application, start the Java application that needs a large amount of memory. If you are lucky, Windows will still not have fragmented its memory space and Java will get the contiguous block that is requested.

Error occurred during initialization of vm del momento

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