Panama hitek arduino java

Panama hitek arduino java

Panama hitek arduino java

Jssc (java)

The following Project has as purpose to use the PanamaHitek_Arduino-2.8.1 library to make connections of an electrical circuit in Arduino with a program made in Java, which allows us to apply a different technique in the use of electrical circuits connected to graphical interfaces. To make the communication with an electrical circuit with Java programming it was used microprocessors programmed in C++ for which it is necessary to know this programming language besides knowing the correct operation of the microprocessors, nevertheless, with this library we can optimize the work and costs of the circuit since it is not necessary the use of microprocessors which gives us as a result a very simple and optimal circuit. To demonstrate this we will make a program that turns on an alarm every time it detects movement inside the house, for which we used a circuit made with Arduino Uno, which communicates with the Java software through a class that uses methods from the PanamaHitek_Arduino-2.8.1 library.

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I am going to show you a simple example of interaction and communication via Serial with an Arduino board (one). I have about a month playing with my arduino one and I confirm what I had been told, «it is simply exciting to see you turn on and off an LED», as a friend told me «it is a game for adults», I can only laugh and accept that in my case it is so and I enjoy the little time I have been able to devote to make examples.
We compile the sketch and load it on the Arduino board. Once the sketch is loaded, we proceed with the Java program. To be able to connect with the arduino board it will be necessary that we have the RXTX library (a library similar to the Java Communications API extension), this library has the jar necessary to be able to establish communication via serial with the board. The installation will depend on the operating system you use, so I recommend you to follow the installation steps indicated in the README file of the version of the library (either the version with the binaries or the sources) that you download, or on the website in the installation section.

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Good morning everyone in the forum, I need your valuable help to adapt the following code that plays audio when starting the application and instead of that only plays a different track for each button, thank you in advance for any support.
if that code works and the buttons are the ones shown then simply copy and paste the code that plays the sound from the «main» to each of the buttons, it would be something like this in button 1:
To stop the Audio you must declare the AudioStream (audio1 and 2) outside the buttons because the way they are they are local access, so you can have access anywhere you need it. To do this modify the code and declare below:

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