Real time youtube subscriber

Real time youtube subscriber

Subscribers counter

Check your recent subscribersYou can view a list of your most recent subscribers in the channel dashboard. You can also check your subscriber count over time in YouTube Studio.

No. However, we have seen a few conversations from viewers who were «automatically unsubscribed» from certain channels.  When we receive this type of feedback, we take it very seriously. The Subscriptions team conducts thorough investigations with the submitted data to find out what the problem is.

Unless you change the distribution options, we publish all videos in the Subscriptions feed.  When we receive complaints from users who do not see videos in that feed, it is usually due to one of the following reasons:

How YouTube counts subscribersWe regularly verify the legitimacy of accounts and shares on YouTube channels. This is part of a process that allows us to ensure that site metrics are free of spam, abuse and closed accounts, so that YouTube is a fair place for everyone. Learn more about subscriber counts.

Google live subscriber count

View your subscriber countSubscriber count indicates how many users subscribed to your YouTube channel to follow you. In YouTube Analytics, you can check this metric in real time and see the growth of your channel over time. When you reach an important goal, you will receive an email and see an animation in YouTube Studio to congratulate you.

We frequently verify the legitimacy of accounts and shares on YouTube channels. We may also correct site metrics in YouTube Analytics to address consistency issues between different sources. These processes allow us to ensure that site metrics are free of spam, abuse and closed accounts to make YouTube a fair place for everyone.

Youtube subscribers counter

At the top of this list, we have Social Blade; one of the most popular and complete counters. Despite being available only in English, the page is very intuitive and presents no major obstacles, even for those who do not speak the language.

Next, we have YouTube Subscriber Counter . This subscriber counter is very similar to the previous one mentioned here. The page is also in English and does not require a login or registration to display the information of a particular channel.

The platform has several tools besides setting the subscriber count as well as allowing to compare with other channels, and to evaluate live data such as monthly earnings, daily visits and many other very important details.

At the end of the day, running a business focused on content marketing can be quite complicated. The more tools that simplify this task, the better and less exhausting it will be to manage.

Now that you know several websites to measure your channel’s subscriber count, how about learning a bit more about YouTube’s main metrics tool? Click here and learn how to analyze the metrics in the platform’s Analytics.

Youtube realtime compare

YouTube Studio never had a realtime subscriber-dependent dashboard till this time. One needed to depend on third-party platforms reminiscent of Social Blade for subscribers to depend on replacing by the second. But even with that, the end result might differ barely in comparison with the official dependency.

3. On the Analytics web page, the ‘Realtime’ card at the exact time doesn’t just show the permanence view. It now features a new ‘View Live Count’ button along with all your subscriber depends.

So, in case you are a creator approaching a huge subscriber purpose, you can now rely on YouTube’s official real-time subscriber counter as a substitute of outside providers.

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