Big data deusto

Big data deusto

fpeuskadi 2018. alex rayón, director deusto bigdata. uni

The completion of the course culminates with the awarding of two diplomas: Deusto Formación’s own Diploma and an accredited diploma from the General Foundation of the University of Salamanca*.  The course load is 200 hours, which is equivalent to 8 ECTS credits.
They are online and live sessions of approximately 45 minutes of duration, in real time, taught by an expert professor in the field. They have a specific syllabus oriented to the practice and expansion of the concepts developed during the course. The topics of the videoconferences of this course are focused on marketing and business.
Two degreesThe completion of the course culminates with the awarding of two degrees: a diploma issued by Deusto Formación and a certificate issued by the Fundación General de la Universidad de Salamanca.

big data analytics summit – message from alex rayón

If you want to work with Big Data in business environments, our course is ideal for you, you will become an expert professional in the use of this tool, with all the benefits of an online training mode.
The course is especially aimed at the following profiles:Any professional interested in entering the world of Big Data. Any recent graduate who wishes to direct their professional career to Big Data.
Understand the usefulness of tools such as BI and Analytics focused on business decision making.Learn how to use and manage Big Data to organize a business. Acquire knowledge to improve the use of information. Learn to develop a business strategy based on Big Data. Learn to use Agile Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence in an organization.

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El Instituto Tecnológico de Deusto (DeustoTech), ubicado en Bilbao (España), es un Organismo de Investigación Tecnológica vinculado a la Universidad de Deusto (UD) a través de la Facultad de Ingeniería, y nace con la misión de generar y transferir conocimiento al tejido social y empresarial, y apoyar a la Facultad mediante la investigación, el desarrollo y la innovación en el ámbito de las tecnologías de la información y la comunicación (TIC), y de acuerdo con los principios éticos y humanistas que definen a la UD.
El candidato debe tener una experiencia demostrada de más de dos años en el desarrollo de infraestructuras back-end utilizando frameworks web, por ejemplo, Python Django. El candidato debe dominar tanto el desarrollo de APIs web y backend (frameworks MVC y bases de datos) como el front-end web basado en HTML5 (también es muy recomendable conocer AngularJS y/o ReactJS) para el consumo de la lógica subyacente. Además, el candidato tiene que dominar pilas de herramientas de Big Data (Apache Hadoop) y soluciones de middleware como FIWARE (opcional pero muy recomendable).

big data forum. forumtech 2015

Alex Rayón director of Deusto eCampus and director of the Big DAta and Business intelligence program of Deusto Business School will answer from 14h to the doubts and questions of users about Big Data and Business Intelligence, which aims to train professionals capable of performing complete cycles of data analysis (extraction, management, processing and visualization) to provide business intelligence services to organizations, companies and individuals.
How can I train my team in the world of data analysis? Is there specific training for this or is self-learning enough? And as a future BI professional, where can I start?
Which sectors of economic activity are currently using data analysis the most in their day-to-day work? Where is there more investment at the moment? And what about opportunities in sectors that are not being worked on?
I don’t think so. Actually, the world of Big Data and BI are fields of work that companies were already doing. What happens is that now, thanks to the IT tools we have at our disposal, we can do it in a more organized and structured way. Therefore, I believe that this is a field that is here to stay, and that will continue to cause large companies and SMEs to start managing with a data-driven, evidence-based approach. This is what they call «Evidence-Based Management» in the USA. There are already several cases of companies that have gained much in operational efficiency and aggregate competitiveness thanks to this approach to business management.

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