Fp big data madrid

Fp big data madrid

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The Specialization Course of FP. in Big Data is held in Madrid and aims to meet the demands of qualified professionals in the sector of New Technologies, so as to articulate an appropriate and flexible training response that allows graduates of vocational training in the field of computer science to specialize in this area.a degree with maximum guarantees, as it offers an official title awarded by the Ministry of Education of the Community of Madrid and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, fully homologated in the European labor market.
The FP Specialization degree. in Big Data is a 360-hour specialization program whose general competence consists of knowing and handling specific applications for the treatment, integration, management and analysis of structured and unstructured big data, as well as the principles of Big Data operation to address business activities related to product development, predictive maintenance, customer experience, the fight against fraud and operational efficiency.You will learn to:


Mechanics, electricians, salespeople, IT specialists, administrators… and now also Big Data specialists. Vocational Training (FP), which has traditionally been characterized by purely practical cycles, takes a leap into the employment of the future and begins to train its students for the new professions of the 21st century through specialized courses in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.
This was announced by Pedro Sánchez, President of the Government, last July during the presentation of the new Government Plan for Vocational Training, which incorporates new degrees to renew the VET curriculum and adapt to the needs of the market.
In order to find out more about this discipline, we talked to José Antonio Jiménez and Juan Ignacio Benítez, two teachers with an extensive professional career in the world of IT and telecommunications and members of the teaching team of the new Big Data specialization course at IES Clara del Rey, to bring us closer to this discipline.

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Are you looking for information about the best centers and universities where to study Big Data? We recently talked about studying a master’s degree in computer science and today we will talk about the master’s degree in Big Data and the best online courses.
The advent of digital transformation has brought with it a change in business models that leads to a greater demand by companies for professionals with the ability to interpret and analyze huge data candidates, allowing the improvement of their performance by converting data into information.
Not in vain, a correct treatment of the data will allow the presentations in time and form, with the consequent saving of money that it supposes and avoiding unpleasant surprises by an improper use. Thus, Big Data studies are for many an unavoidable challenge.
In addition to the inherent flexibility of studying Big Data online, you will be able to combine 24-hour access. It should also be noted that you will not have to travel to take your Big Data distance learning course or Master’s degree, so geographical barriers will disappear.

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Next year, vocational training will be a goal with one of the most demanded professions in the field of computer science with the specialization course in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. This promising degree joins another specialization course of present and future for the sector, Cybersecurity, announced in 2019 and which began to be implemented in some centers during the last course. If you are thinking of signing up for any of these new degrees, these are their main features and where you can study them.
The professional profile of data scientist practically did not exist not long ago, resorting to self-taught specialization with degrees, postgraduate degrees, MOOCS, certificates and that can now also be achieved with this LOE degree in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Announced last summer, it allows to achieve competences in programming and application of intelligent systems to optimize information management.
Upon completion of this 600-hour LOE degree you will have the training to work as an Artificial Intelligence and Big Data developer, expert systems programmer, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data expert or simply data analyst.

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