Kschool big data

Kschool big data

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A training provided by the best experts in the sector who direct and teach the classes that make up all KSchool courses and who work in the best companies linked to the world of Big Data and Data Science as Amadeus, Accenture, BBVA Datanalytics, etc. and that provides students with the knowledge and management tools to think and work as a true Big Data professional or a Data Scientist.

In addition, KSchool goes a step further and being aware of the interest in these disciplines, given the high demand for professionals in the market and the lack of training, they offer two previous modules in both cases with Python that provide the necessary basis in statistics and programming to follow the classes, make the most of them and turn their students into big data experts or data scientists.

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Objectives1. You will be able to turn data into products and services.2. You will be prepared to apply for Data Scientist, BI and Business Analytics positions among others.3. You will learn how to write your own code to analyze huge amounts of data.4. You will know how to develop professional interactive dashboards to present information.Technical RequirementsStudents will need a laptop with Linux. If you have a

Computer with native Linux installed: no problem! It will be enough to follow the course. However, for the Tableau classes you will need a Windows or Mac computer, as the licenses for this tool are only for these operating systems- – A computer with native Linux installed: no problem!

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One idea to keep in mind is the economic concept called «opportunity cost». Applied to this case, a master’s degree costs a lot of time and money which we can spend in other more productive ways.

From a learning point of view, I think you can learn a lot more by working as a data scientist or learning on your own than with any master’s degree in data science or Big Data. There are numerous online courses, websites and books where you can learn much more than with any master’s degree. However, it is true that there are masters that give a great depth of knowledge and guidelines to learn quite good. There are masters with which you can learn a lot and learn well.

Another of the reasons that can make it interesting to study a master’s degree is the differentiating element with other profiles. This is undoubtedly a very important fact. For someone without work experience as a data scientist, having a master’s degree can be a differential element compared to people without a master’s degree.

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We are committed to an innovative LEAN training philosophy, developing a course format with the essence of knowledge and practice in each subject. This guarantees maximum specialization and employability. This training philosophy allows us to develop highly specialized courses without more hours than necessary. The result of this training philosophy is that the student does not overpay for unproductive hours, and can put their new skills and knowledge to work in the shortest possible time.

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