Master big data ucm

Master big data ucm

master big data spain

We combine a solid theoretical training base with the constant practical factor present in our academic modules. We firmly believe that the best way for students to perfect their knowledge is to have previously tested their skills in a training framework that is suitable for them. And we provide it.

At the end of these studies, students will be able to face the challenges posed by the real world in general, and the labor market in particular, in reference to big data. Because our academic proposal pays special attention to its business applications. Therefore, the professional trained in our studies will be provided with the ability to analyze and make corporate decisions.

And it will be done by means of tools that facilitate the management of big data, instructing students in the whole process of treatment, storage, extraction, organization and analysis of massive information at their disposal.

ucm big data analytics

Broadly speaking, our master’s degree in Big Data aims to prepare students to face the opportunities that may arise within a labor market as demanded as that of big data.

A market that, on the other hand, despite having a high demand for professionals, finds it difficult to find adequate training in the candidates who attend their job offers.

Thus, studying Big Data becomes a magnificent opportunity to develop successfully as a professional in a sector so highly valued as increasingly necessary in virtually any area of our lives, influencing fields as diverse as medical, scientific, military, political and, of course, and above all others, business.

At the end of the master’s degree, students will be able to analyze the data available to them, with the main focus on the business environment, which is where most job opportunities are emerging, and be able to make effective decisions based on the information management process.

big data complutense

La transformación digital es un proceso global irrefrenable para todo el panorama empresarial. Un reto en el que la gestión del Big Data es un componente estratégico clave para transformar esa ingente cantidad de números en información que ilumine ideas que ayuden a la organización a crecer en todos los ámbitos de decisión.

El Big Data ya está presente en todos los ámbitos de la gestión empresarial. Es esencial en el avance de la digitalización así como en la integración de la inteligencia artificial en los negocios 4.0. Así, el Big Data contribuye a la automatización de procesos, a la reducción de costes, al diseño de productos, a la investigación de clientes, al marketing, a la gestión post-venta o a áreas como los recursos humanos o el control medioambiental.

El especialista en Big Data establece el procedimiento para monitorizar y estructurar los datos que existen en la empresa y su entorno. En esta tarea intervienen multitud de perfiles profesionales, pero cada día se observa una mayor demanda de expertos en la disciplina que sean capaces de transformar estos datos en información de valor. Así, economistas, abogados, científicos sociales, psicólogos, filósofos, politólogos, licenciados en gestión empresarial, licenciados en Marketing o científicos ambientales se unen al equipo para dar sentido al Big Data con sus conocimientos. Es por ello que la gestión de Big Data representa un paso decisivo para aquellos profesionales que buscan oportunidades laborales de calidad.

big data and business analytics

A first approach to the fundamentals of data intelligence and its application in different business environments. Includes current trends in big data and an introduction to the command line.

Preparation of the student’s analytical skills and abilities to perform in a business environment. Advanced analytics and data visualization as the main functions of this module.

Internet of Things as a service, connectivity with heterogeneous data sources through message brokers and hubs with devices, Hadoop, Spark and various techniques for visualization and analysis of information by end users.

A panoramic view of HDFS, its architecture and its use through command line is acquired. It is the fundamental storage system in the Big Data world today, so it is essential that the student knows and experiences its operation.

Consolidation of statistical knowledge necessary to form a base that helps to follow the rest of the blocks of the master. Among the concepts to be covered: descriptive statistics, probability and inference will have a prominent place.

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