Master inteligencia de negocio y big data uoc

Master inteligencia de negocio y big data uoc

big data uned

During the course you will acquire all the necessary skills so that you can face the challenges posed by this field today; you will learn about topics such as data analytics, business intelligence, analytical databases, data governance, customer analytics, operations and logistics, Batch Processing technologies, data lakes, among others.
In accordance with current trends in university education and with the UOC’s experience in virtual programs, the objectives of the master’s degree are aimed at the acquisition of practical professional skills, mainly through the use of business cases, methods and work tools, within the rigor and scientific framework of a university program.

master’s degree in economic analysis uoc

The master’s degree in Business Intelligence is a commitment to train professionals in this area, combining business and technological knowledge (one of the most interesting aspects of Business Intelligence), which allows the integration of aspects such as strategy, business and technology.
A general overview of the importance of information, the current market for business solutions in Business Intelligence, the strategy to follow in the implementation of decision support systems, supported by real case studies.

imf big data master’s degree

The Master’s Degree in Data Science aims to train specialists capable of identifying, capturing, transforming, analyzing and interpreting data, in order to boost value and applied innovation in various industries such as finance, health, consumer goods or technology, among many others.
In order to level the students’ knowledge, it is foreseen that they will be required to take complementary subjects, depending on the degree of origin of each student.

bringing big data together

One idea to keep in mind is the economic concept called «opportunity cost». Applied to this case, a master’s degree costs a lot of time and money that we can spend in other, more productive ways.
From a learning point of view, I think you can learn a lot more by working as a data scientist or learning on your own than with any master’s degree in data science or Big Data. There are numerous online courses, websites and books where you can learn much more than with any master’s degree. However, it is true that there are masters that give a great depth of knowledge and guidelines to learn quite good. There are masters with which you can learn a lot and learn well.
Another of the reasons that can make it interesting to study a master’s degree is the differentiating element with other profiles. This is undoubtedly a very important fact. For someone without work experience as a data scientist, having a master’s degree can be a differential element compared to people without a master’s degree.

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