Impresora 3d milanuncios

Impresora 3d milanuncios

Pc components 3d printer

This Stratasys Fortus 380MC 3D printer was manufactured in 2016. It has a maximum print range of 305 x 355 x 305 mm, and a print speed of 200 mm/s. It is in very good condition, it has been serviced regularly.
Its robust construction and high quality components make the X350 the ideal printer for industrial applications. The X350 is a reliable workhorse, whether you are printing for an hour or …
This Stratasys Fortus 380MC 3D printer was manufactured in 2015. It features a current INTEL processor. Its screen resolution is 1280 x 1024 mm. The printer has a hard disk with a main memory….
It allows continuous carbon/fiberglass fibers to be printed on the component for maximum strength. The Mark Two also offers unmatched surface quality. The «Eiger» cloud-based application allows for complete manufacturing planning and administration. 3D data is managed online and settings can be changed remotely at any time.

Umarex mp german / legends / legacy / legacy / legendary

Anet A8 3D printer. In good condition, it is sold to change to another one. I have it for a long time, it is well maintained and improved. Practically the print quality of an Ender 3 if it is well calibrated.135 EUR
I sell for lack of use. It needs cleaning maintenance parts change.perfect for upgrading or tuning. Prints well. It is in operation. More info by whatsapp. I give filaments350 EUR
I sell BQ printer, witbox 2, because I no longer use it. It works perfectly, has rebuilt 2 corners of the top cover. Enclosed is original BQ SD card, 5 spare PETG tubes and a spare for the extruder. I do not ship.80 EUR
Anet A6 3D printer for sale, in very good condition for not having time to devote to it. As extras it has Marlin installed, relay for the hot bed, extender for the SD, automatic capacitive leveler LJC18A3-H-Z/BX (not connected or configured) and glass bed. Due to the time it has been stopped it is necessary to tune it up although it is delivered freshly lubricated. Prefer hand delivery but also shipping.100 EUR

Brother pentax pocketjet 3 plus (pj-523) 300dpi

Resin dlp printer, anet n4 bought in pccomponentsfeatures:. 3d printer witbox in perfect condition…. For sale PP3DP UP! Mini 3D Drucker for 227,43 a very well known brand. It is like new. Unused. Original box.
3d printer anet a6 ideal for entry into the world of 3d. I sell Ersatzteil Kugellager Lager . New product, with box and original label. Sold for 9.99 . Pick up at Embacar to Spain or shipped to your home.
3D printer in excellent aesthetic condition, by passing me to resin printing I sell ender 3 v2 with little use and with the following improvements and spare parts:. 3d printer z brand new, in its original unopened box, 550 NEGOTIABLE, can be sent to your home.
Selling 3d printer anycubic resin without brand new type of printing: sla (stereolithography) in resin.. for someone who knows the subject would not suppose much dif. ANYCUBIC 3D PRINTER RESIN is in very good condition and all in good condition…..
3d printer kit to assemble – tevo tarantula for sale 3d printer tevo tornado. many spare parts, including arduino, ramps and drivers (pololus); also a motor and. 3d printer z . In perfect condition and well preserved…..

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