Forocoches raspberry pi 3

Forocoches raspberry pi 3

How to install plex on raspberry pi / móntate tu servidor

Hello, I’m just a comment that I have a RP3 and the truth is that I always think about using it in the van, but so far I have not tried anything (just a little something at home OMW, RaspBian, Motion, things like that). I would like to use it mainly for surveillance/alarm purposes. Adafruit I think they have a cool GPS HAT for RasPi, plus a module with clock to turn off / on for example every hour, send the location by 3G and turn off again (so it would work with an external battery for a long time).to see if one day there is time to do it and document it.saludos

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That is why we offer you the best alternatives to the Raspberry Pi, both the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ and the Raspberry Pi 4, telling you about their technical features and why it is interesting for you to add them to your collection.
Not that it is very cheap given that it has a price tag of $350, but it has great performance. The board is powered by a seventh-generation Intel Core M3 processor, 8GB of RAM, 32 or 64 GB of storage and an Intel HD615 graphics chip. And yes, it can run Windows 10 Pro.

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On the other hand we also have the not inconsiderable argument of savings. The price of the Raspberry Pi (just 34 euros now) and different components such as screens or sensors is very affordable compared to commercial solutions. And we can not forget that maker spirit that can come out afloat thanks to these projects.
Although using a Raspberry Pi in our car gives us many degrees of freedom in different aspects, there are a series of recommendations and tips that we should take into account, always depending on each specific project and its possibilities.
The most important advice has to do with the protection of the Raspberry Pi, which we must integrate in a suitable and quality housing. In addition, as far as possible, the RPi should be protected from direct view, as well as from areas where the sun hits it directly.
The place you choose to integrate the Raspberry Pi in the car should have good access to a power supply, preferably fixed and at least 2.5 A, the value offered by most sources recommended for when in addition to the RPi we are going to have different components c

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