What can you do with a raspberry pi

What can you do with a raspberry pi

Raspberry pi os

There are many projects with Raspberry Pi and thanks to MagPi, every month there are more projects that we can do with Raspberry Pi and a little money. In this case we are going to talk about 20 projects that we can do with Raspberry Pi for our home.
Using a Raspberry Pi and Raspbian combined with Kodi we can have a cheap and affordable media center. The process is simple and we can even change it for OpenElec. In any case, we will only need a Raspberry Pi, an hdmi cable to connect it to our TV and a wireless keyboard with built-in mouse to control the operating system options. The cost is quite affordable and it is certainly something interesting for the home.
Another interesting project for Raspberry Pi is to use the famous Pi Cam to monitor babies or pets. We just have to connect the Pi Cam to our Raspberry Pi and place the camera in position to record where the pet or baby is. Then, to see what they have done or what they do we just have to connect to the Raspberry Pi via SSH or with a remote control application to see what has been recorded or what is being recorded.

Kali linux

Raspberry Pi is a development board but it is actually a whole computer. It is powerful enough to perform basic tasks, multimedia, programming and compiling programs that run on it. For its part, Arduino is an open source creation platform based on free hardware and software that offers the Arduino IDE (integrated development environment) platform, a programming system for creating specific programs for Arduino boards.
In terms of hardware, as you can see, they have nothing to do. And the main difference between the two development boards is that Arduino is only capable of running one program at a time (and is designed to run it over and over again continuously), while with Raspberry Pi we can do almost the same as on a PC in terms of methodology. In essence, Raspberry Pi is a mini PC while Arduino is a micro controller.
It connects easily to the Internet with its RJ-45 port or with WiFi over USB.It requires external hardware to connect to the Internet and you have to program it using code to make it work. It is not intended to connect to the Internet.


They hit the market in 2012 and since then the popularity and projects based on Raspberry Pi have only been increasing. We are going to explain everything you need to know about this pocket computer that has conquered millions of users around the world.
It is precisely in the good performance and low cost where lies the great success of the Raspberry Pi. They also have great connectivity and GPIO connections that allow the development of a wide variety of educational projects.
Like any computer on the market, we will have to install an operating system to interact easily with it. The Raspberry Pi has limited power and some special features compared to a conventional computer. For that has been «developed» the operating system Raspberry Pi OS, also called Raspbian.
The Raspberry Pi OS is based on a GNU/Linux distribution, namely Debian. As the Debian operating system is open source, it can be customized by anyone and installed without paying licenses or royalties.

Raspberry pi 4 working

The Raspberry Pi has been the seed of a whole «maker revolution», and although originally this miniPC was conceived as a solution oriented to educational environments, its possibilities and features have soon managed to turn them into the basis of all kinds of hardware projects, each more original.
Although there are literally hundreds of ideas that all kinds of creators have managed to realize thanks to these devices, we wanted to make a list of 15 of the ideas for the Raspberry Pi that we liked the most. As with any list, the important thing is that this is just a sample of what is possible to achieve: if you know of outstanding projects, you are more than welcome to comment to discover them to us all.
Recovering the charm of the great classics of the history of video games has been possible for some time now thanks to projects that take advantage of the Raspberry Pi for this purpose.
One of them is this one from this developer named Philip Burgess that combines the Raspberry Pi with a Raspbian distribution and the installation of several emulators -the star is MAME4ALL- with a joystick and two arcade machine buttons that will allow you to connect this portable mini console to any monitor or TV via HDMI to play a multitude of games in a very simple way. If you want to go further and build a bartop for two players a little more «pintón», you can. Of course you can.

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